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Wood Shake Roofing

Most wood shingles roofs are made from Western Red Cedar because of its durability and resistance to pest damage. Preservative treated pine and similar wood species are also used. Real cedar is a perennial that has a natural, rustic appearance; all wood types give a roof a very natural appearance and blend well with the environment.

Wood shingles are smooth while shakes are more rustic and rough hewn. Available in varying lengths and random widths, the life expectancy for most wood shingles is 15 to 25 years.

The downside to wood shingles is that they require pressure treatment to become fire retardant and in some fire prone areas, are forbidden for use. In more humid climates, wood shingles are treated with a fungicide and preservatives, as they are susceptible if untreated.

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Benefits of Slate Roofs

Environmental benefits of Slate Roofs: Environmentally Speaking, All Slate is Green!

Slate is 100% natural. It has many characteristics that make its use a positive from an overall environmental standpoint.

  • A slate roof’s longevity alone makes it an environmental plus
  • Slate contributes no detrimental substances to the environment
  • Slate helps keep other roofing materials out of landfills
  • When slate outlasts the building itself, it can be recycled.
  • Slate’s density adds to temperature stability of a structure
  • Slate is completely fireproof.
  • Can help lower net energy costs.
  • Slate is resistant to degradation regardless of climatic conditions.

Why Slate? What is it?

The Long Life Roof

Natural Stone is the Ideal Roofing Material

Roofing slates are manufactured from natural stone. Slate is metamorphic rock that formed under intense heat and pressure underground. As stone, it is very hard and will not saturate with water, and is completely fireproof. Yet it has a characteristic that allows it to be split into thin pieces that become roofing slates.  Since slate is stone, it is impervious to weather, sun, hot and cold, so you can expect a slate roof to last a very long time.

Low overall cost of ownership

Because of its longevity, slate is very cost effective over the life of the roof.  Not only is the stone naturally highly rugged, it is very resistant to mold, mildew and other sources of contamination. Maintenance costs are therefore minimal.

Adding value to a property

Using the highest qualtiy materials nearly always enhances the value of a building. Slate is no exception to this rule. A slate roof is not only highly respected for its “once-in-a-lifetime” investment, its aesthetic appeal can also be an important factor in building valuation.

Slate will last a lifetime, so should the installation

A slate roof should be associated with the best quality, longest lasting hardware—such as flashing, nails, and gutters.